What is LPlusFitness?

LPlusFitness is a fitness blog written for adults over the age of 50 who recognize the value of exercise and a healthy diet as the key to longevity.

If you remember your Roman numerals, “L” represents the number 50.  Since we are focused mainly on health and fitness concerns for those of us 50 and over, the site name is appropriate.  Previously this was called “KettlebellFitness.net” because I started it when I discovered kettlebells and exercise routines involving this equipment.

Over the years, however, I found that I wanted to discuss topics outside of kettlebells.  My workout partners and I still use kettlebells sometimes, but much less often than we did in the past.  For me, personally, kettlebell workouts – especially at the heavier weights – cause too much concern about my lower back, which is a weak point for me.  Proper form is essential in a kettlebell workout and without the guidance of a kettlebell trainer, it is difficult to maintain form while increasing weight and reps.

Currently, my workouts consist of sessions with a personal trainer who puts me through a very intense workout 4 days a week, supplemented by daily cardio and independent exercise the other 3 days.  Prior to this, I belonged to a boxing gym where we combined calesthenics with a mix of cardio boxing, kickboxing and free weight training.

Finally, it is important to understand that I am not proposing or recommending any particular exercise or diet routine with this blog.  I am using it to document my experiences and observations and to interact with anyone who has something constructive to say.   You should not start an exercise or diet program without first talking to your doctor and there is no substitute for the guidance of a personal trainer.