New 60 Minute Kettlebell Routine

Over the past few weeks, Michael,  Michele and I have been following the kettlebell workout routine developed by kettlebell fitness expert Jeff Hopeck.  Jeff invited me to one of his classes at the Main Event Fitness Center in northwest Atlanta and I have incorporated one of Jeff’s routines into our morning routine.

Currently Michael, Michele and I are undertaking a kettlebell workout at least two times a week – right now, both Michael and I play in a recreactional basketball league and we have not summoned the willpower or energy to pump kettlebells the day after a basketball game.

I will go into each exercise more specifically in blog posts to come, but for now, here are the six exercises that we have learned from Jeff Hopeck:

  1. squat/raise with a single kettlebell
  2. bicep raise and balance with two kettlebells
  3. kettlebell squat and swing with one kettlebell
  4. swing, toss and raise with one kettlebell
  5. core leg lift on the mat with two kettlebells
  6. reverse lunge with two kettlebells

Our routine is to start with ten repetitions of each exercise, then nine, then eight.  Rest for five minutes, then do seven reps, six reps and five reps.  Take another five minute rest.   Finish with four, three, two and one rep.

We finished up with interval sprints for 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, although there was probably more talking than what would be optimal.

The entire kettlebell portion of the workout takes about an hour and it is exhausting.  I feel that we easily are packing in 2 to 2 1/2 hours of workout into sixty minutes.

Stay tuned for more variations of these exercises and videos. 

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