How Often Should You Work Out With Kettlebells?

Over the past couple of months, my workout partner and I have re-integrated kettlebell workouts into our weekly routine at the Perimeter L.A. Fitness.  We bring out kettlebells on Tuesdays and Fridays and go through our set of exercises three times.  The entire routine takes about an hour.

Recently some of the regulars at the gym have been asking questions and one gentlemen has joined us in our kettlebell workout.  He is able to get through about 1/2 to 2/3 of each set but he keeps coming back so that is a good sign.  I’ll go into more detail about our routine in a future post.

I suspect that you could perform different kettlebell exercises each day and find something different to do every day of the week.  In our case, we have to deal with the issue of schlepping the kettlebells from the car, as our L.A. Fitness does not have a full set.  Interestingly, however, about six months after workout partner Michael and I used our kettlebells for the first time, a couple of the personal trainers there purchased four or five bells and started using them occasionally.  Right now, there is one 16kb bell, the rest are very light weights – most of the trainer clients are women who do not run through a very intense workout.  We use 16kb and 12kb bells and it is nice to have one available to use in addition to what we bring.

In the mornings at L.A. Fitness at least, most of the regulars are in their 40’s and 50’s and I doubt that too many of these folks would be able to handle an intense kettlebell workout.  On the other hand, swinging a 2kb kettlebell is not going to do much.  For  us, at this time, two days a week is about right.  I think it is better to run through a solid kettlebell workout once or twice a week, as opposed to a peripheral use of the weights once every two to four weeks.

As I will discuss in a future post, many of our kettlebell day exercises are focused on core strength and now that we are consistent, I am really starting to see some good results.  Not quite ready for photos (although I have several very solid “before” photos!).