Review of OrangeTheory Fitness Gym

assessmentThis past week an OrangeTheory Fitness gym opened near where I live and my workout partner Michael decided to take a break from boxing class to try it out.  As is typical of most new gyms the owner offered a free class – and because the gym was not officially open, I took two free classes.

The workout, which I will describe below, is intense and well structured but at this point I am going to stick with my existing alternate day workout at LA Fitness and Delgado Boxing.  Here’s why:

The OrangeTheory workout was developed by a Florida based personal trainer and it consists of three components:

  • treadmill training
  • indoor rowing
  • weight training

Each of these segments is broken down into two or three minute blocks of varying intensity.  The treadmill part lasts 30 minutes and members alternate between a “base” pace, a “push” pace and a sprint pace.  Users have control of where they set their base pace – for example, I chose the middle track (“jogger”) and set my base pace at 3.5 mph, my push at 4.5 mph and my spring at 5.8 mph.

Users wear a heart rate monitor and a large overhead screen shows the training zone you are in – blue is very light, green is moderate, yellow is hard and orange is very hard.  These zones appear to be based on percentages of maximum heart rates for users based on weight and age.

The gym will email you a daily report meaning that you can track your improvement, which is a nice feature. [Read more…]

Russian Kettlebells for Women? Absolutely!

Listen up, ladies! I finally found the perfect form of exercise. Training with kettlebells! I won’t be going back to traditional weight training because kettlebells give me quicker results and more challenging exercises. The name of the game in fitness these days is intensity. That is, everyone is trying to get the most out of their workouts for maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Kettlebells will provide intensity. Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells displace weight, so physics forces body awareness and requires you to work against resistance through a longer range of motion. This increases the intensity of your workout and improves flexibility. Because the kettlebell hangs behind your hand and rests on your forearm it makes the weight easier to balance. And the handle makes it easier to hold on to for ballistic movements. This more intense workout will result in achieving your fitness goals more quickly.

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