Alternating Stability and Instability Exercises

Over the past few months, workout partner Michael and I have settled into something of a routine.  We usually work out at least 4 mornings per week.  One day we focus on abs and light upper body work.  One day we hit the upper body combined with sprints and two days we focus on arms, shoulders and the upper body.  More recently, we have added leg work into the routine as well.

On "upper arms" days, we do exercises on both stable and unstable platforms.  Stable platform arm work includes work on the bench press and the pull down machines.  Instability work includes kettlebells, dumbbells and bar bells.

Stable platform work allows for more weight, while unstable platform work tends to be more aerobic and tone oriented.  Of all the unstable platform exercises we do, the kettlebells work the stabalizing muscles and they tend to be much more aerobic.

We have not been focusing as much on the kettlebells lately because our gym (LA Fitness) does not have kettlebells and we have to bring our own.   For whatever reason it seems to take too much effort to schlep in the kettlebells on a freezing cold morning.  In addition, I strained my back back in November and again last week and I have been hesitant to carry the kettlebells in from the car before I am warmed up.  As the weather gets warmer, we’ll get back to including the kettlebells at least once a week.